Sunday, November 9, 2008


Hi Lori,or infact anyone else out there who is following me in here I am still trying to get my head around this place I can't seem to find out out how to add someone or even send a message so I have to say thanks for popping in Lori and becoming my very first follower I have plenty to fill you in on with whats been happening you may even know if you still pop into 360 but life is good,great infact but gee it can get tiring but it's worth it no doubt.

I have had my first meeting with the HR department at work and she has made it quite clear if I want to Transition in the work place I have there full support,I am not sure they understand to much about the difficulties they may come with this,so I am going to get some information together for them of other girls transitioning in the work place here in Melbourne and ask them to read there stories so we can make sure we cover all bases,it's an extremley exciting time at the moment and things are going very well.

I am trying to work on this with solid planning with dates in mind for each new step,I have tenativley set a date of July 1 2009 as my full time transition date over the time leading to this date I will do all the things that are needed to officially start my RLT you know name change and all the other things we need to do once my name is changed legally,License,bank details,all these type of things will be done by this date.

The decision to go on the program here in Melbourne known as the Monash Program a group of people who help the Transgender community is the best thing I have ever done,but I think it would not have worked earlier as to recieve help you have to be willing to take on board everything they say to you,as if you are not in the right frame of mind they can't help you,you must give yourself completley to them I have done this and the results are just amazing I am delighted with the progress being made it seems every step is a small but positive one.


Lori D said...

My how a lot has changed since i last really followed your happenings! Please keep us updated how the plans come along.

As for following, you can message someone when you click their icon in the follower list, or anywhere in their "About Me" section where it says "read more." From there in the profile page should be their email address or something there for contacting them if they want people to contact them. I'll be doing another screencast outlining all this soon, but don't be afraid to figure out what blogger does, it gets quite easy to use, you just have to take the plunge!

Leah M. said...

Thanks Lori,I am becoming quite an expert at taking the plunge lol.