Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hi all,well the Woman within is growing more confident with each passing day I have never been so at ease to be Leah before it's such an exciting time to be finally at peace with myself,to be her on a more open and out life is so fullfilling after all thats what we deserve to full fill our lives to make such a self discovery of one self is very important to ones life moving ahead after all we all have to discover ourselves no matter what that discovery is we need to do this .
I have to ask any of you that are having a look in here feel free to become a follower I would love to see you and follow your stories as well exchange thoughts and ideas on what you and I are doing I am a sponge for this info I just love taking it all in to watch one blossom into the Women we should have been is so interesting to me.
I will make a blog on here very soon on some more of my progression to being the Woman I am I start my second round of psych annalasys on the 26th of November this stage will help me in setting times and dates on when I will transition full time I just can't wait but it is important to not get ahead of myself as planning is so important to get the place I am going with success,and I tell you I don't plan to fail at this I will make this work and you will not see the smile leave my face in the prcess either.
Take care until next time I am your friend no matter where you are and I live to be me as we all should do good luck in all your journeys no matter where or what hey are.

Leah M.

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